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Lowell City Council BINGO

You know how to play BINGO of course. Well, now you can play while watching City Council meetings! If you aren't a drinker, or are looking to give your liver a break this week, this game is for you!

Normal rules apply. There are three sets of ten cards (download PDFs at bottom of post!), and each card in a set has a label underneath to differentiate each randomly-generated card as unique. Choose (randomly) one card as your game piece. As the meeting progresses, you mark off a square when either a phrase or proper noun, subject, or word gets uttered (in some cases) or a subject comes up (in a few cases).

If you are playing with friends, print out enough cards for everyone and give different cards to each person playing. If you are playing online, make sure you are all playing different cards. For simplicity's sake, I'd use the same set, and pick different card numbers. To play fair, you should all randomly pick your card number. (No fair picking one of our randomly generated cards specifically based on the upcoming meeting agenda!) First one to get a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally through the middle (free) space, you win!

NOTE: a situation could easily arise that no one wins by filling a row. If, by the time the meeting is gaveled closed, no one has won, count the number of squares you've each marked off on your cards, and the one with the most wins. However, you'll have to duke it out with fisticuffs if two or more people have the same number of items marked off. There are no ties in BadgermillCity games.

You can see a sample card below:

Bingocard sample.png

Download the cards in PDF form here:

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