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BadgermillCity - A Drinking Game

BadgermillCity - A Drinking Game

BadgermillCity Games have been designed to keep Lowell residents sane and properly watered during City Council meetings. It's a set of drinking games to play while watching the Meetings.

Why Badgermill?

What does this strange word mean? Well, Urban Dictionary defines "badgermill" as:

  • n. Is fiasco
  • n. Like a pepper mill, but instead, for badgers
  • n. An action in Olympic fencing, similar, but not quite, to a preparatory action.
  • v. To get physically abused for little or no pay

We at BadgermillCity Drinking Games thought all four definitions are quite apt.

NOTE: BmCDG does not endorse the abuse of livers or kidneys by the playing of this game. Playing this game is at your own risk. Caution and pacing yourself is recommended.

The Games

Here we'll keep a list of the games you can choose to play.

  • The Plain Jane Drinking Game - a basic game of taking a drink when you hear certain words or phrases.
  • Elimination Libation Drinking Game - a game to play when you want to just forget about the direction this City Council is taking us.
  • Lowell BINGO - a NON-drinking game you can play along at home or with your friends! Just choose a set, pick a specific number, and make sure your online friends have a different card from you. Who will get L O W E LL first??
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